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Academic and Professional Background

  • Graduate of Law, First and Second State Examination in Munich 
  • PhD in Law from Free University Berlin 
  • Habilitation in Political Science 
  • University Lecturer and Researcher
  • Lawyer and Journalist
  • Consultant and Research Fellow in Administration Studies

International Cooperation

  • Various cooperations on gender, migration, religion and discrimination with scholars from Denmark, France, Greece, Netherlands, Austria, Turkey and UK
  • International cooperation on women in law, welfare state regimes and contesting the male breadwinner model Des Weiteren zu internationalen Gender-Forscherinnen bezüglich Frauen in Rechtsberufen und zur Entwicklung von Wohlfahrtsstaatsregimen im Hinblick auf die Überwindung des männlichen Ernährermodells

Expertise in

  • Legal and Political Gender Relations in Germany and Europe
  • Headscarf Debate and Immigrant Society
  • Politics and Law