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Prof. Dr. Doris Weichselbaumer

Research Fellow

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Academic and Professional Background

  • Graduate in Economics from University of Linz and Gender Studies at University of London
  • Assistant Professor at the Institute of Economics at University of Linz
  • Promotion and Habilitation at University of Linz
  • Visiting professorships and research visits, e.g. at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Harvard University,  University of Massachusetts, Amherst, University of the West Indies, Cave Hill, School of Orientaland African Studies, London and the Harriet Taylor Mill Institute at HWR Berlin

 Selected Publications

  • Schwieren, Christiane and Doris Weichselbaumer (forthcoming): Does Competition Enhance Performance or Cheating? A Laboratory Experiment, Journal of Economic Psychology.
  • Zweimüller, Martina, Rudolf Winter-Ebmer and Doris Weichselbaumer: Market Orientation and Gender Wage Gaps: An International Study, Kyklos, 61(4), 2008, 615-635.
  • Weichselbaumer, Doris and Rudolf Winter-Ebmer: The Effect of Competition and Equal Treatment Laws on the Gender Wage Differential, Economic Policy, 22(50), 2007, 235-287.
  • Weichselbaumer, Doris and Rudolf Winter-Ebmer: Rhetoric in Economic Research. The Case of Gender Wage Differentials, Industrial Relations, 45(3), 2006, 416-436.
  • Weichselbaumer, Doris and Rudolf Winter-Ebmer: A Meta-Analysis on the International Gender Wage Gap, Journal of Economic Surveys, 19(3), 2005, 479-511; reprinted in: “Meta Regression Analysis. Issues of Publication Bias in Economics,” Surveys of Recent Research in Economics Series, edited by Colin Roberts and T. D. Stanley, Blackwell Publishing, 2005, 183-216.
  • Weichselbaumer, Doris: Is it Sex or Personality? The Impact of Sex-Stereotypes on Discrimination in Applicant Selection, Eastern Economic Journal, 30(2), 2004, 159-186.
  • Weichselbaumer, Doris: Sexual Orientation Discrimination in Hiring, Labour Economics, 10(6), 2003, 629-642; reprinted in: “Queer Economics: A Reader,” edited by Joyce Jacobsen and Adam Zeller, Routledge, 2007, 275-290.